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Lucky Loggers Restaurant
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In the early 1960's Joe Deering built the shopping plaza our restaurant sits on. The mall rests on the old drying yard of the Deering Lumber Co. sawmill. Deering owned the restaurant at that time and had named it “Wangan” after the lumber camp supply boat that followed the log drivers down river to feed the hungry loggers. The restaurant was eventually sold and renamed to “Weeks” until Mark Thomas bought the business in 1980. After doing research on the land and area, Mark renamed the restaurant to its current name,“Lucky Loggers Landing”. The mural in the dining room was painted for Joe Deering by Frank Handlen. He copied old photographs of Deerings last log drives down the Saco River.  The pine panels that furnish the dining room were of  Deering's own private stock. Four to five feet wide, cut from virgin lumber, and sunk to the bottom of the Saco River for a year, with another year of drying before they could even be milled. The old tools that garnish the walls of the restaurant are all connected to the old lumber business.

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Lucky Loggers Restaurant
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4 Scammon St Saco Maine
Tel: (207) 283-0485


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